Z.one Concept Milk shake: GIVE NEW LIFE TO YOUR HAIR

Z.one Concept Milkshake is a line based on the active principle and the sustainability of certified products. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients from our planet, you can get bright and healthy hair.

The Z.one Concept Milkshake product line uses Muru Muru butter as an active ingredient, a nut-rich in fatty acids that provide the hair with the right hydration, the right nourishment, as well as leaving a sweet and delicate scent on the hair.

Now I will list some products that have done miracles on my hair; I warn you that my hair is big, frizzy, dry, unmanageable and bleached over and over again, a real condemnation, but thanks to the Z.one Concept Milkshake products I managed to get soft, bright and fragrant hair; I state !!! these products and the method of application that I will describe you is used above all in beauty salons as DEEP RECONSTRUCTION, but thanks to the site www.hairstudiogianni.com I managed to make them arrive directly at home to be able to use them safely whenever I want and keep my soft and healthy hair.

To begin with, use the Integrity Nourishing shampoo Milk Shake nourishing shampoo that thanks to the Muru Muru organic butter rich in provitamin A, repairs, nourishes, strengthens, moisturizes, softens and beautifies the hair through a good penetration given by its excellent affinities with proteins of the hair.

After that, you need to make sure you have thoroughly rinsed the shampoo and dabbed your hair by removing excess water. This is followed by the phase of the Integrity Intensive Treatment Milk Shake deep nourishing mask. It is a deeply nourishing treatment, a specific formula to deeply nourish the hair and eliminate frizz thanks to Muru Muru butter which gives softness, shine and combability. I advise keeping the mask on for at least 20/30 minutes to let the product work at its best.

For those who don’t have much time, I recommend Incredible Milk Shake, which has 12 miraculous hair benefits :

  1. Easily untangles knots
  2. Repairs in depth the hair shaft
  3. Prevents split ends
  4. Regulates frizz
  5. Protects from UV rays
  6. Protects from heat
  7. Facilitates the use of plate and / or iron
  8. It guarantees greater hold of the fold
  9. Protects and keeps the color
  10. Smoothes the cuticle
  11. Gives body and volume
  12. Extreme brilliance

For pre-drying, instead of the usual hair oil, I recommend trying the protective and conditioning Mousse Whipped Cream Milk Shake. ATTENTION is not a curly mousse but a softening mousse formulated to condition the hair maintaining the hydrolipidic balance, to preserve the colour and leave the hair soft, shiny and full of vitality, moreover, it can be used as an excellent oil substitute for hair and is also perfect as a moisturizing hand cream. I assure you that the scent and density of this foam will make you want to eat it; D

With the Z.one Concept Milkshake line, the hair is soft, soft and velvety to the touch and visually you will see your hair shiny, shiny, without frizz and full of life. I fell in love with the perfume and quality of Z.one Concept Milkshake products.

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