Why doesn’t the perfume last? 50 shades of Essens

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yes I finally saw at the cinema 50 shades of black, I would say a tragicomic experience, close to me young women probably shaken by the hot scenes made me experience the thrill of 50 shades of sweat! At the end of the evening talking with my friends about the perfume topic, I asked myself why does the perfume not last? Anastasia in the film certainly has the “answer”, she in a satin evening dress, heel 12 and a chignon to scream, she comes out of Mr. Gray’s bedroom, without even a tear of sweat on her body and the perfect bun … blessed her !!! Ok movie not really real and she is so breathless for the whole film, but what about a good idea for an article!

I absolutely do not want to hurt the sensitivity of the fans of the film “50 shades of black”, but for those who have seen it I can only say that some of us would sign up to come out of the night with Mr. Gray as if they had just come out of a Four-star SPA … jokes aside I understand very well that in some cases it is not a lack of personal cleanliness that triggers a sweat dump, but it could be mixed agitation and the wrong choice of perfume, tonight we do a bit of clarity or at least there is let’s try.

When to put the perfume?

  • first rule the PERFUME DOES NOT COVER THE ODORS, so before vaporizing any perfume, take a nice shower, very hot, if possible, opens the pores and makes the perfume penetrate deeply and this will facilitate its duration. In the work places I recommend a light perfume so as not to annoy colleagues / and who may not like certain fragrances, with a light perfume you will not invade their universe. For festive evenings you can dare with an aggressive perfume that does not make you forget in your passage, do not overdo the doses, a few sprays, especially if you dance and let loose your sweating could amplify the essence and make it nauseating. Another consideration to make about when to put a perfume is the climate, in very hot situations, for example, in the summer, opt for fresh and very light solutions.

Which perfume to choose?

  • choose a perfume that affects your senses and emotions, it must be pleasant to yoursense of smell, marry your personality, if you are feisty you will never feel at ease with a perfume with too sweet notes, it must stimulate your memories and excite you as when you put on the dress that you like best, the one that seems to have been sewn on to you that makes you feel good. The perfume that will awaken these emotions in you, even the day after you spray it, is the perfect one.

Where to put a perfume?

  • the perfume should be placed in the hot points of the body, the points universally recognized are at the base of the neck, behind the ear lobes, on the wrists, behind the neckfor the most enterprising women like our Anastasia of 50 shades of black, it is not from exclude putting some perfume at the base of the back near the coccyx and at the height of the groin , just to avoid being forgotten by your own Mister Gray … I advise you not to overdo it in these last two points we don’t want to suffocate it with perfume, we just want to make us “to remember”!

Perfume or essence what’s the difference?

  • the essential components of a modern perfume are above all alcohol and natural essences dissolved in it like oil (all those essences that make us feel better today), or, as it happens more and more often, perfumed synthetic elements, called “odorous materials” in specialized language. For the composition of a perfume, 30 to 80 perfumed elements are mixed together, chosen among the approximately 200 natural essences and the almost 2000 existing synthetic elements (cit. Wikipedia). The essence is an incredibly intense fragrance extract, in very simple words the higher the percentage of essence in a perfume, the longer the perfume lasts. All other types such as fragrances, Eau de Toilette, le scented waters, the cologne, are less intense and lasting let’s say lighter, with a lower percentage of essence than the perfume itself.

A perfume is given by the top note, the middle note and finally the base note. The sum of these three notes with your skin will make the scent unique, only yours.

top note: very intense fragrance that is felt immediately after application; this sensation lasts a few seconds, but in some perfumes it can even be 15 minutes.

the middle note : fragrance that can be felt in the next phase to the head, whose intensity can last 2-3 hours.

the base note: In this phase the fragrances are released slowly; the duration extends for a few hours, but in some perfumes even for tens of hours.

I hope I have made a little bit of clarity on the subject of perfume, personally I put the perfume almost every day, I prefer for my skin fresh scents, powdery, white cotton, musk etc.

I am aware that perfumes cost money and serve only to pamper our senses (what a beautiful cuddle), I found a good compromise for my pockets: Essens perfumes , a brand that offers low-cost perfumes that simulate the original fragrances without being cloying. I state that my evaluation of Essens perfumes is made by first buying the original perfume and then the Essens perfume that remembers it, generally they are really very similar and the durability of Essens perfumes is ultimately that of a real perfume . I personally recommend it.

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