Revlon hair products

Today I will talk about an American line in the field of cosmetics for over 85 years:Revlon

Revlon is a company founded in New York in 1932 by Joseph and Charles Revson together with the chemist Charles Lachman (to whom we owe the L included in the brand).

The two brothers became famous thanks to a revolutionary idea for that time: The first nail polish; they developed a new production process using pigments instead of paints as the basis for colors, giving consumers the opportunity to choose more shades of color, thus conquering women from all over the world.

In 1939 the concept of “coordinated lips and nails” was born and it was an irrepressible success thanks also to the advertising campaign ‘Fire & Ice’, which caused a sensation at that time because it proposed an ideal of a glamorous and glamorous American woman inspired by the divas all era: the Lipstick .

In the 1960s, Revlon decides to change its advertising and focuses on the hottest celebritiesof those years. Their intent was to be successful all over the world and bring the ordinary woman to become like those divas who advertised their cosmetic products.

In the subsequent 70s Revlon grows and follows the wave of feminism and progress achieved by women by launching new product lines . Thus the world’s best-selling fragrance is born : Charlie .

In the 80s, thanks to the arrival of the products in the department stores and the constant collaboration with famous people of the time, Revlon becomes one of the most widespread and well-known beauty brands in the world .

In the 90s Revlon depopulated on the market with the well-known ColorStay foundation make-up line , which still remains the most sold of the brand.

In addition to the quality of make-up and glaze products, Revlon also expands its market in the world of hair beauty and health, offering the possibility to choose products according to their needs.

EQUAVE Revlon: A light and extremely effective treatment.

10 benefits with a single gesture:

  • Repair for dry and damaged hair
  • Easier and faster drying and styling
  • Control of frizz
  • Protection from heat
  • Glossiness, softness and silkiness
  • Color protection
  • Districability
  • Greater grip of the fold
  • Prevention of split ends
  • Fuller hair

INTERCOSMO Color & Shine Revlon: is a line for all types of hair , which responds to different needs, from colored hair to dehydrated ones.

INTRAGEN Revlon: This line helps to improve the health of the skin with specific products for the fall, dandruff, itching and excess of sebum.

FLUID GOLD Revlon : Products for the beauty of the hair composed of three precious oils that mixed awaken the shine of the hair: Argan Oil, Oil of Cipero and Oil of Linseed.

STYLE MASTER Revlon: The products of this line are exclusively designed for styling , they allow to obtain any desired style facilitating the styling.

UNIQONE Revlon: Combines two different types of keratin for one and only purpose: internal and external care of the hair.

In the next articles I will talk about every single category and the functions that the various Revlon hair products perform.

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