Protoplasima stop hair loss!

Hi everyone, which the best shampoo for gray hair to use? Come apply the fall vials protoplasmina ? How does Protoplasmin fall prevention vials work ? Obviously the most comfortable method and resort to our trusted hairdresser, some have real “hands of fairy” when they massage your skin, but we can’t always afford time and money at the hairdresser so let’s see what the professionals of the sector suggest together!

What shampoo to use to strengthen the effect of the vials?

  • my advice and that of many industry professionals is to use only one brand if possible, the active ingredients included in a fall protection line have been created together to favor one another’s benefits; in this specific case Protoplasmin, has created a dedicated line to stem hair loss. The first product to be used is undoubtedly the Protoplasmin strengthening shampoo contains many of the active ingredients of the vial which we will later see in detail and other ingredients such as caffeine which is an excellent stimulant of the hair roots. It strengthens the base of the hair, thickening it and making it stronger and stronger
  • for a good result apply the shampoo and massage with the fingertips and leave on for at least 5 minutes so that the vitamin B5 contained in the shampoo penetrates deeply.

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How to apply Protoplasmin fall prevention vials ?

  • after cleaning with Protoplasmin strengthening shampoo your hair dab the excess water with a towel and take your vial from the box. Inside the box you will find a small rigid plastic tube that serves to break the vial where there is the white line, insert the cap of the vial inside it and break its neck (the piece of glass remains inside the rigid tube, it will come out and you can throw it when you insert the next vial). After breaking the head of the vial, take the soft plastic cap and keeping the vial tightly between your fingers (I let at least a couple of them slide down due to wet hands), with the other hand separated making a line with the finger between your hair as to form well-separated locks.
  • Use the whole vial, when you have finished place the fingertips of your hands on the side of the temples and massage the skin as if to create large circles, then move the hands higher up on the head cap and repeat the circular movements, continue on the part back of the head for a few minutes, obviously the longer the massage lasts, the more deeply the product will penetrate thanks to the activation of the blood circulation stimulated by the massage itself.
  • you will feel a slight sensation of coolness on the whole skin, sign of the increase in circulatory activity which, with the passage of the absorption of the vial itself, will diminish in intensity. If you find the annoying effect you can proceed immediately to dry your hair, the heat of the hair dryer will end the effect immediately.

How does Protoplasmin fall prevention vials work?

  • the vials help to restore the skin’s balance, purifying it, favoring the blood circulation of the skin that fights aging of the hair and stimulates the natural regrowth of the hair.
  • the main active ingredients contained in Protoplasmin vials are CHITIN which strengthens the hair at the root and the TRICOPEPTIDES with a strong biostimulant vascular power of the skin.

Personally I have been using Protoplasmin vials for a couple of years, generally for a good maintenance at every change of season I use one / two boxes very much depends on how much my body is stressed and consequently my hair; every time I use it my hair restores and is actually stronger, the Protoplasmin ampoules also have another advantage helping to maintain the fold or styling thanks to the reinforcement of the hair itself. In the most stressful periods I use the complete anti-fall treatment KIT THERAPY Protoplasmin , #protoplasmin A REAL HEALTH BOMB FOR HAIR !!!

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