How to use the plate without damaging your hair?

The plate is an indispensable tool especially for those with frizzy or wavy hair . Here are some tips on how to use the plate without damaging your hair.

The hair straightener is one of the most used styling products for styling : from the world of high fashion, used to create structured and particular hairstyles, to simple daily use in our homes.

In recent years, technology has made great strides in the field of aesthetics, seeking to make improvements and use innovative and beneficial materials and resources, whether we are talking about products or work equipment.

We are no longer talking about rudimentary red-hot irons on the fire, heavy curlers or real household irons, but cutting-edge work tools with micro technologies, which prevent damage to the hair. They are simpler and more manageable to use and it is a multipurpose tool, which gives the ability to be able to use it in various ways: from the perfect smooth , to the defined bush , to the waves etc.


  • The Ionic ceramic plate: The technology consists in the release of small particles of negative ions that act on the hair as true vitamins , eliminating static electricity and allowing the fold to last longer, moreover, counteract the dryness given by the heat high. This type of plate keeps the hair healthy allowing it to retain its shine and elasticity despite ironing.
  • The infrared plate: the infrared plates allow to heat the hair from the inside , without burning the surface of the shaft. The hair will be smooth both inside and outside, allowing the fold to last longer.


Using the griddle every day is not good for the health of the hair and the most important thing to do in these cases is to take care of it. The hair is weakened by the constant elastic stress and the heat of the plate. To prevent split ends, breakage and dryness of hair due to excessive use of the plate, just use:

  • A moisturizing mask ; make compresses 2/3 times a week lasting 30 minutes.
  • Before drying the hair and passing the plate, use a heat shield to protect the hair from heat. There are many silicones based sprays, creams and thermo-protective serums on the market that create a film around the hair to protect it from the heat emitted by the plate, a bit like a sunscreen for the body. Be careful not to overdo the thermo-protective, otherwise the hair will be greasy and heavy.


Ok, you have to take care of your tiled hair but you also have to take care of the plate to have excellent results even after many uses . To keep the hair straightener as long as possible it is necessary to clean the plates often , once they have cooled, with a slightly damp cloth. It is very important that the plate is not left in damp places as it could damage the electrical circuits and the plates.


  • The plate must be used ABSOLUTELY on dry hair to avoid drying them, ruining them and stressing them more with excessive thermal shock.
  • Before drying and tiling the hair, apply a protective thermo to protect the hair from the heat of hair dryer and plate.
  • Comb the hair and remove all the knots, the plate must slide perfectly on the lock without stopping too much, otherwise, you risk burning your hair.
  • To adjust the temperature , a normal temperature of 180 ° is recommended for normal hair , while a fine temperature of 130 ° is recommended for fine hair . Never use the plate beyond 200 °.
  • Separate the hair into strands and start from the back of the head trying not to bring the plate too close to the hair root. Take small portions of hair to make sure that the heat reaches the entire lock. Close the plate and stretch the lock by gently lowering ittowards the tips so that the ironing is flawless on the first pass.
  • It is recommended to use a comb at the same time while passing the plate over the lengths to avoid knots and ensure a smooth and perfect fold .
  • If you want to get a crease that lasts longer , apply a styling product such as a lacquer to fix, a polishing oil or an anti-frizz spray to regulate electric or dry hair.

Take care of your hair and you will notice that, with these small tricks, you can limit hair damage and get excellent results.

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