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In 2017, AVERE LA BARBA is no longer a symbol of neglect, it has become a real fashion, and like any fashion, it changes by changing form and style.

The Barba has become a unique symbol of its kind these days and the man begins to take care of it. Did you know that there is a shaving shampoo and a shaving oil ? AND GOOD YES! Here’s how it works… beard growth products will help you become more confident and courageous


These products are born from the need of men who want to wash and care for the appearance of the beard.

The products are 100% made in Italy, handmade and of quality, innovative products able to satisfy even the most demanding beards.

Designed by 3 guys, who at the end of 2013 come into contact with an institution in the world of hair “The artisans of the hair”. The company was created by Mario Lorenzin, who at just 20 years opened his first barberia in the Veneto region.

When I began to notice that his hair was becoming fragile and increasingly sparse, he tried different types of lotions, with no satisfactory results, he decided to look for a solution to this problem himself. In the following years he looked for a natural method that strengthened and made the hair healthy. He consulted herbals, chemistry studies, herbalists and monasteries libraries. From one of these, he found some manuscripts where he read a formula used by the monks both to stay healthy and to maintain healthy hair.

A formula that as a basic principle has seasonal herbs and radicchio.It was a perfect union.

Thus, Rugiada e Respiro is born. A shaving oil and a specific shaving shampoo. Two artisan products, created by bearded people for people with beards. 100% made in Italy.



It is now everywhere, everyone talks about it, even the most hit fashion magazines and salons of the moment. Even the famous people don’t want to cut their thick beards. That the time has finally come to re-evaluate the beard? Today the beard has become a fashion accessory, a part of the history of the style world. But with every fashion and style, care must be taken for it. Even if it is defined as ‘uncultivated’, the beard must be the object of particular attention for those who intend to show it off. For those unwilling to shave every day, shaving can be a valid alternative to the look.

The beard needs care and patience so as not to give in to the temptation to shave off everything. It is known that the Barba can cause itching and not very comforting aspects, but you can intervene using shampoo, to remove accumulated dust and impurities, just like it happens for the hair.


BREATH which cleanses without damaging the beard and restores hydro-lipid balance to the skin and hair-bearing structures.


distillate of fresh herbs composed of different types of radicchio. This is combined with a shampoo with a physiological pH. Without mineral oils, vaseline and parabens.

How to use:

Apply the shaving shampoo on the lengths and then proceed with washing at most once a day. Deeply cleanses producing a

light foam, leave for a few minutes and then rinse.

The bristly and wild nature of the beard can cause knotting and breaking of the stem, especially in longer beards. In these cases you can use a shaving oil.

DEW BARBA OIL composed of Argan oil and Radicchio oil. Strengthen, make your beard beautiful and shiny.

Softens and eliminates knots. Essential for a long beard, the oil prevents the beard from breaking.


Radicchio Oil: gives well-being and strength to the beard by providing minerals and vitamins necessary for the vigor and growth of the beard

Argan Oil: rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it is a strong emollient, nourishing, protective, anti- age

Sunflower Oil: rich in linoleic acid, which has soothing and normalizing properties of the epidermis arrows.

Without mineral oils, vaseline and parabens.

How to use:

Use the oil with wet beard after washing, apply on the lengths and then proceed with drying. Use the oil with Dry Beard after drying apply on the lengths to give protection and shine.

This is why the use of a brush to heal the beard during natural growth is just as useful, to eliminate knots and tangles.


ANIMA Oval brush in kotibè wood with bristles in pure boar handmade in Italy. It is suitable for all types of fine or coarse beards, with medium or long short hairs. The boar bristles cause a thickening effect on the beard and give it shine.

The natural bristles of the shaving brush have a molecular composition similar to that of beard hair and therefore do not alter the delicate hydro-lipid balance of their structure. The beard hair is not electrified and remains soft and shiny.

Directions for use:

It is essential to brush the beard at least twice a day, in the direction in which you wish to wear the shape of the length. To facilitate brushing the beard and avoid knots use a specific shaving oil.

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