Fluo Hair: hair that lights up in the dark

The new fashion for hair color: Hair Fluo , the color for hair that glows in the dark .

Lately, an infinite number of hair fashion trends are springing up, from extravagant colors to bizarre hairstyles, in short, those who create them must have a lot of imagination and passion for this sector. This new Fluo Hair trend , hair that lights up in the dark , is more popular than others.

Its creator, the famous hairstylist Guy Tang has created, with the play of light, a color that by day, gives the hair vivid and intense colors, while at night, it lights up in the dark taking new life and creating a surprising effect by effect WOW! ! !

This “futuristic” trend is not easy to achieve: first of all the hair must be discolored to ensure that the final result is as satisfying as possible, then it is dyed with fluorescent colors under neon light .

There are those who decide to completely dye Fluo’s hair and who, instead, decides to take only a few strands or to color only the tips for a less extravagant but still different and unique effect.

Red, green, orange, yellow, fuchsia, purple, pink, blue … the choice is yours!

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