Eliminate split ends

For those with long hair split ends and knots are a real constant nightmare. Who said hair must be cut? Today we will see how to treat damaged hair with split ends using specific products and without having to cut them.

The most common hair alterations are knots and split ends because they are the consequence of too aggressive chemical treatments, in fact, this problem is found on long, colored or bleached hair.

Have you ever seen your hair under a microscope?

  1. Healthy hair and flat cuticles
  2. Slightly raised cuticles due to the effects of the hair dryer
  3. Hair with raised scales very damaged due to discoloration, dyes and plates.
  4. Hair heavily damaged and almost broken due to too vigorous brushing or hair contractures


In this image instead we see through a microscope how a hair with split ends and a healthy hair appears.

The major damage is clearly the break of the hair , but, as the saying goes “better prevention than cure”, just the use of specific products and special tools to have healthy and beautiful hair. The first alarm bell is the weak and lacking elasticity of hair , the fold does not last, are frizzy and dry , consequently you will begin to see the appearance of the first split ends.

A few years ago (somewhere in the world even today) split ends were burned with the flame of a candle , the result is there, but it is a very dangerous technique and besides the fact of burning the hair, it becomes frayed and yes weakens even more. The procedure is to twist a lock of hair and burn the pins that come out holding the candle at a distance of 5 cm.

But why go to the risk of burning and damaging the hair even more, when with simple products you can get great rides?

Davines has created a specific line for those who love long and healthy hair. The main feature of the Melu Davines line , consisting of shampoo, conditioner and thermo-protective spray, is lentilswhich are ideal for nourishing and repairing damaged hair. Its formulation helps seal split ends and strengthen those that break, making the hair soft, bright and healthy. It is ideal for protecting long hair from stress due to a plate or hair dryer and from breaking the tips.


What can you do against split ends?

The first piece of advice I can give you is to give your hair a trim every month. Just a few centimeters are enough to prevent split ends.

Wash the hair every other day with a delicate or specific shampoo, avoiding using too hot water and rub the scalp too vigorously.

After washing the hair, gently dab it to remove excess water. DO NOT squeeze or rub them.

Brush your hair gently using a wide toothed comb or a soft bristle brush. It is advisable to comb your hair after eliminating excess water because the wet hair is much more fragile.

Dry the hair with the hair dryer set at minimum or medium temperature at a distance of 20cm.

The current fashion, present in almost all hair salons, is the machine for cutting split ends , it is very effective for those who do not feel like cutting their hair periodically . It is an instrument that cuts only the damaged tips maintaining the length of the hair. After use, the hair looks healthy, shiny, soft, silky and the split ends disappear. It is used in many hair salons because it cuts only split ends quickly, safely and precisely.

Take care of your hair using specific, not too aggressive products and use the advice given to avoid the formation of split ends, knots or hair breaks.

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