Service Group Best Practice

One of VACCRRA's top priorities is to promote quality and build excellence among member agencies. VACCRRA Sponsored Service Groups are peer-led professional thought forums that encourage networking and best practice discussions among peers in a professional and supportive environment, drawing upon state guidance and outside resources. In addition, these service groups are an appropriate forum to identify and pursue skills-building trainings to meet professional needs and benefit the children and families we serve.

View the entire Service Group Best Practice Handbook (updated 2009). Sections of the handbook include:

Section 1: Welcome to the World of Vermont Child Care Resource and Referral!
Section 1A: A summary of purpose, roles and expectations
Section 2: VACCRRA Board Adopted Meeting Guidelines
Section 3: Meeting cancellation policy
Section 4: Electronic communication
Section 5: Internal Problem Resolution Protocol
Section 6: Official Communication Protocol
Section 7: Decision Making Process
Section 8: Professional Development "Special Request" Process
Section 9: Liaison Nomination Process
Section 10: Liaison Role Description
Section 11: VACCRRA Sponsored Service Group Check In