Orientation Resources

Consistent, comprehensive quality services should be available to all statewide. In efforts to deliver high quality services throughout the state, Referral specialists utilize and share a variety of resources. These resources are helpful in the hiring and training of new referral specialists:

Referral Job Description
FY 07 Description of referral specialist roles and activities outlined in CDD grant contract.

VACCRRA Referral Service Standards
Standards of referral services that ALL VACCRRA member agencies adhere to.

CDD Orientation Process
A description of services provided by Referral and Consumer Ed Consultant Heather Mattison

Acronym alphabet
2 pages of acronyms related to the child care field.

Sample week long training plan
A week long orientation schedule developed by Windham Child Care, detailing daily training focuses.

Sample work cycle
A daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly schedule developed by Windham Child Care Association, idenifying typical referral activities.

Orientation checklist
A check list developed by Child Care Resouce of topics that all Referral specialists need to know.

Answering the Call
A NACCRRA resource for training Referral Specialists

Service Group Best Practice Handbook
A Best practice guide for service group related activities. This provides information on Referral, VACCRRA and CDD as well as relevant policies and procedures.

Sample intake scripts: (All scripts are in compliance with QAP )

Sample 1
Intake script adapted by Windham Child Care

Sample 2
Intake script adapted by North Western

Sample 3
Handy by-your telephone reference

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