Policies and Operating Documents

The following documents have been accepted by the organization. All are available in PDF.

211 MOU (2005)

Parents Rising Partnership- Agreement between VACCRRA member agencies and Parent Rising.

VACCRRA By-Laws (updated 2006)

Complaint Reporting Form (2004)

Consensus Guidelines (2005)

Membership Standards (1995)

Official Representation of VACCRRA on Critical Statewide Committees (2005)

Provider Abuse Complaint Procedure (This 2003 document needs to be revised to comply with CDD grant guidelines)

Referral Service Standards (original)

Service group 2009 Best Practice Handbook Policies and meeting operating principles outlined in this handbook guide service group and VACCRRA board meetings.

View sections of the 2007 Handbook (Note: above handbook has been updated, 2009):