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VACCRRA is committed to promoting quality and building excellence among VACCRRA member agency staff. Our members believe that consistent, comprehensive quality services should be available to all statewide. To foster the development of comprehensive quality services, this site is dedicated to providing resourceful information for all agencies to access.

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Useful Resources!


FY 08 VACCRRA Statewide Annual Report
6 page PDF report that includes 4 pages on VACCRRA activities that occured between July 07-June 08 as well as a 2 page insert on agency specific data.

Learning from Parents- A research brief (prepared by VACCRRA for CDD) that compiles information on how to effectively engage families as part of overall program services.

FY 07 VACCRRA Statewide Annual Report- 4 page PDF report on VACCRRA member agency services and VACCRRA activities occuring between July 06-June 07.

FY 07 Agency Inserts- Single page reports of VACCRRA member agencies compiled in this 12 page PDF.

Service Group Best Practice Handbook: A guide for service group related activities.